Morphélin is available in drugstores in the sleep and travel departments. Don't hesitate to ask your pharmacist for Morphélin.

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How can I buy Morphélin ?


Sublingual means under the tongue.

What does sublingual mean?

If swallowed (like with a tablet), melatonin will be digested and pass through the liver before reaching the bloodstream, reducing its effectiveness. Morphélin on the contrary, being administered under the tongue, will be directly absorbed through the oral mucosa.

The product thus retains its maximum efficiency.

Why under the tongue?

Is Morphélin like a sleeping pill?

No. Morphélin only uses melatonin, a natural hormone. It won't cause a hangover effect nor an addiction as with a sleeping pill.

What does Morphélin taste like?

A mild citrus taste will last a few seconds before disappearing totally.

The traveller size delivers 15 sprays. Perfect for a round trip.

The family size delivers 250 sprays

How many sprays will I get?

Is Morphélin allowed in a plane?

Yes. Morphélin contains no aerosol and is thus safe and allowed in planes.